Those who have a passion for excitement and adventure can very well become a great scuba diver of PADI.  Among all scuba training organizations, PADI is the largest in the world.  You should keep in mind that there are requirements before you are able to be a PADI scuba diver.


The minimum age is ten years.  Student divers who are younger than fifteen earns the PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification, which they may upgrade to PADI Open Water Diver certification upon reaching fifteen.  If a child is under thirteen years old, he will need parents or guardian permission to register for PADI eLearning or to use PADI open water diver touch.  Before completing the PADI Open Water Diver course, your instructor will have you demonstrate basic water skills to be sure you are comfortable in the water.  You will be asked to swim two hundred meters/yard or three hundred meters/yards in mask, fins, and snorkel without stopping.  There is no time limit for this, and you may use any swimming strokes you want.  Then you must also float and tread water for ten minutes, again using any methods you want. 


You qualify for certification if you can meet the performance requirements of the course.  Even individuals with disability can use adaptive technique to be able to meet these requirements.  The PADI open water dive certification has also been achieved by people with paraplegia, amputations, and other challenges.  Even individuals with more significant physical challenges participate in diving.  Your PADI instructor can be reached at your local PADI dive center and resort if you need more information about this certification.


There are however many who decide not to become certified in scuba diving because they feel that it takes too much time or is too much work.  People don't know that there are many benefits if you have a scuba certification from scuba diving classes dutch springs and those who thought otherwise eventually learned that the benefits far outweighed the disadvantages.


Safety must be one of the most important reasons for getting a scuba diving certification.  It is required that every student striving to get a scuba diving certification must be taught by a professional scuba instructor.  These experienced instructors ensure that each student is given the proper scuba training.  How equipment work and the various safety procedures are taught during the training.


First taught in a classroom environment at scuba diving lessons dutch springs, then in a pool or pool-like condition, then leading into a real open water environment. 



You will be free to rent scuba equipment and dive anywhere in the world if you have a scuba diving certification.  Most scuba divers that are traveling to distant locations in order to enjoy some new scenery or marine life do not take all of their scuba gear with them because they are too bulky and often too expensive to transport.